9 comments on “God is Watching Us – From a Distance

  1. There’s something about the phrase “from a distance” that has always felt a bit… “off”. If it’s true that “in Him we live and move and have our being” then God is closer than the air we breathe.

    Cool blog tho… very restful!

  2. Thank you for your comment. I have to agree with your thought on the expression “from a distance.” But, the “God is watching us” expression that is brought out is true for mankind in general.

  3. This song reminds me that God is 3 persons, the jealous God & Judge watching how we use what He has given us, the Creator who provides our every need, and the Love in the hearts of man. Unless we have active Love or Charity all the other things we have are vain. The Creator has provided everything required for man, but man’s Charity must provide for the hungry, the sick, & the poor. God is watching us to see what we do with what the Creator has provided, & if we are willing to receive the Spirit of Loving Charity that is required to carry out His Great Comission to spread the gospel throughout the world through our examples of our walks in the Spirit of the Creator & the God of Heaven. He has offered the gift of His active Love, but we must accept it & pass it on. When it is passed on, it multiplies & our hearts become more full to overflowing.

  4. This might sound abit simplistic, but this is one song that is capable of winning many souls than ten televangelists combined!!! How i wish Nancy Griffiths had the energy and resources to tour the world singing this beautiful and greatest ballad of all time. God bless you Nancy and lessens your pain following the cancerous attack.

  5. It is not a “Christian” song. It amazes me that Christians always think that if “god” is mentioned they own the song. First of all your Christian god, according to your theology, is not watching “from a distance”, he is in your face and running your lives from the inside as an indwelling spirit. The message of the song is simple. As a humanist it is your job to do something about the plight of humanity because god seems to be uninvolved watching from a distance.

  6. I love this song! And there are so many secular songs, that if one were to insert the name “God” it would give the song a very profound and true meaning. An old song from long ago…”Looking for love in all the wrong places”…insert “God” for the word, “love.”
    “Looking for God in all the wrong places” and there is your answer. God IS Love.

    It’s not really love which we all seek…it’s God. Find Him and you find love.

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